Let’s face it, running can be excruciatingly painful sometimes, both physically and mentally. For me, the journey and the destination of the run make the pain more bearable when I start to question why I run. A run in the rain before the sun has risen and all the world is quiet while the sound of my feet beat with the sound of raindrops, and the sun begins to peep out from behind the storm clouds to reveal a rainbow. Distance runs with the mountains surrounding me on all sides, rising up to deep green pines and a bright blue sky help me forget about the worries of life and focus on the moment of beauty around me. Running hills under a gray sky, with the smell of dirt in the air, out in the middle of nowhere, just so my friends and I can take fun pictures on rocks above the trails. Even running 2.6 miles straight up a mountain side, because the view was totally worth it. All of these moments are what make running worth it sometimes. God has placed us in such a beautiful world, that we need to take advantage of the runs and workouts we do and give ourselves a nice little view along the way. Go run. Go on an adventure. Get lost along the way. But find yourself in the process.